Some houses after the fire (Photo: VNA)

The fire burnt 59 houses and property of 67 households, most of them being Vietnamese Cambodian people.

Speaking at the meeting, Ambassador Vu Quang Minh thanked the local administration and Red Cross of Cambodia for their timely attention and support. The Ambassador said that he would continue to propose the local authorities pay attention and create good conditions for them to quickly stabilize their lives.

The Embassy and related units will continue to mobilize sponsors to help overseas Vietnamese people quickly overcome difficulties.

Sharing with and encouraging affected families, the Ambassador, representative of the Khmer-Vietnam Association and Vietnamese businesses in Cambodia, presented their initial urgent support to help them overcome initial difficulties.

Initially, the damaged families have been provided essential commodities by the local administration and Red Cross of Cambodia.

The households damaged by the fire are meeting various difficulties, because Cambodia is in rainy season./.