Ambassador Dang Xuan Dung (right) and Ambassador Orestes Perez Perez (Photo:

Speaking at the exchange, Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Dang Xuan Dung affirmed the consistent support of the Party, government and people of Vietnam for the revolutionary progress and social economic model updated cause of the people of Cuba, and believed that Cuba would certainly overcome all difficulties and challenges to successfully build socialism.

He also thanked the Party, government and people of Cuba for their precious support and faithful brotherly solidarity for Vietnam during the years of fighting for national independence in the past and in the current cause of innovation and construction of the nation.

The ambassador affirmed that the people of Vietnam have never forgotten the famous saying of late President Fidel Castro: “For Vietnam, Cuba is ready to donate its blood,” which shows the special sentiment and faithful attachment between the two nations.

For his part, Cuban Ambassador to Argentina Orestes Perez Perez said that the traditional relations between Vietnam and Cuba have been tempered and challenged over many past decades. The two countries have always supported each other in the common fight against invaders and in the cause of socialism construction today.

This year, the two countries mark the 58th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and 45 years since the historical visit by President Fidel Castro to Vietnam, where he became the first and only foreign head of state to set foot in Vietnam’s recently liberated southern region.

That is eloquent evidence of the special brotherly friendship between the two nations at a distance of halfway around the Earth.

He affirmed that Vietnam was a symbol of brave fighting spirit and praised the achievements Vietnam has gained in the cause of economic development toward sustainable development and for happiness of the people.

The Cuban ambassador emphasized that the two countries would continue to stand side by side in spite of all changes of the time, to move on the path of building socialism suitable with the characteristics of each country.

At the exchange, the officials and staff of the two embassies enjoyed traditional dishes of the two countries and exchanged art performances./.