Le Nguyen Minh Phuong at the ceremony (Photo: Overseas Vietnamese Association in RoK)

Honorees are carefully selected by management experts, and must be approved by Seoul City Council.

Ms Phuong expressed her honor when being selected as an honorary citizen of Seoul, because this also means that her activities and contributions have been recognized.

She hopes that in the coming time, through her activities, such as translating for high-ranking missions of the Vietnamese Government, teaching Vietnamese and Korean languages, broadcasting radio and television will be able to contribute to strengthening Vietnam-RoK relations, as well as promoting beautiful images of Vietnam and RoK to people of the two countries and in globe.

Director of the Seoul Planning Department Choi Won-seok congratulated Vietnam on having a citizen chosen as an honorary citizen, and expressed his hope that the relationship between RoK and Vietnam in the coming time will gradually prosper.

As of January 2019, the Seoul administration honored 827 foreign citizens from 97 countries. Foreign nationals who are recognized as "Honorary Citizens" of Seoul will be able to participate in the administrative tasks of the city, as well as be appointed as policy advisers of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, or invited to attend events organized by the city.

This event has been held by the city of Seoul since 1958, in honor of foreign individuals who have three consecutive years living in Seoul (or five years of accumulation), with many positive contributions for Seoul city as well as community activities./.