Players at the tournament (Photo: VNA)

20 football teams, representing overseas Vietnamese students, businesses and intellectuals, and the Vietnamese community living, studying and working in Singapore joined this annual tournament to look toward the origin of the nation, and strengthen solidarity among members of the Vietnamese community.

On this occasion, the organizing board also launched a donation movement to support beloved Truong Sa. Over the past years, the Liaison Committee has launched a movement to call on support among the community to provide equipment to practice outdoor exercise and sports for officials and naval soldiers on duty on Truong Sa archipelago.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Tao Thi Thanh Huong highly appreciated the effort of the Liaison and the overseas Vietnamese community in organization of activities toward the origin and homeland.

The Ambassador stressed that the tournament, organized on the occasion of the Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary, promoted patriotism and helped the young generation understand more about the tradition and glorious history of the nation.

It is a healthy playground and an opportunity for overseas Vietnamese students and people in Singapore to meet, share and encourage each other in daily life.

The event will wrap up on May 12th./.