The students, teachers and delegates at the opening ceremony (Photo: VNA)

The course is the first of its kind organized in the Czech Republic under a State-run program to teach the mother tongue for Vietnamese children abroad, aiming to enhance the quality of teaching and learning of the language among the Vietnamese community in foreign countries. Particularly, it is funded and supported by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Education and the local administration.

The course attracts nearly 90 students who are divided into two classes from the age of 7-12 and 12-18. They will take classes once per week for one year, using textbooks published by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training designed exclusively for Vietnamese people abroad, along with documents from the Czech-Vietnam language centre.

Teachers of the course were trained in Hanoi in August this year.

According to Trinh Tan, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in North Moravia and Ostrava, who is also head of the organizing board of the course, the organization of the course has great significance in helping overseas Vietnamese children speak the mother tongue fluently, better understand Vietnamese culture and become closer to the homeland.

In recent years, teaching and learning of Vietnamese language among the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic have received attention and support from the governments of Czech and Vietnam. It has contributed to preserving Vietnamese culture among the Vietnamese community in the country and maintaining their connection to the homeland, especially the later generations, who are born and raised in the Czech Republic, as well as contributing to fostering the friendship between Vietnam and the Czech Republic./.