Delegates at the conference (Photo:

The conference attracted the interest and participation of a large number of diplomats, politicians, researchers, scholars and experts.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Nguyen Thiep stressed that the conference marked the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, 5th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two countries and two weeks after the successful visit of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to France.

He reiterated the words of Party leader at the ceremony to mark the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations of the two countries at the headquarters of the French National Assembly on March 26th.

The ambassador also reiterated the words of French President Emmanuel Macron about the relations between the two countries, stressing “the history between Vietnam and France is the history of war and peace, of distance and union. The history between the two countries has made legendary stories and we have never turned back.”

Mr. Duong Van Quang, former ambassador and Head of the Vietnamese delegation at UNESCO and the Francophonie Organization, said that "The Vietnam - France relationship is a special relationship in the future, in history, in culture, exchanges between the two peoples. Therefore, the General Secretary chose France as the country to visit."

French researchers and politicians highly appreciated Vietnam's efforts in the past, especially the reform and renovation processes to achieve the current encouraging achievements. Ms. Hèlène Luc, a honorary senator, honorary chairwoman of the France-Vietnam Friendship Association, emphasized that with the innovation policy, Vietnam has opened up to integrate into the region and the world, first joining ASEAN and then signing agreements with the European Union, becoming members of the Francophone Organization. Vietnam wants to play an increasingly important role in the relationship between Europe and Asia.

On the bilateral relations between Vietnam and France, the delegates said that the relationship between the two countries has a long history, the cooperation fields have achieved many successes such as politics, diplomacy, economy, trade, culture and cooperation in the framework of Francophone organization. The delegates appreciated the good results in cooperation between the two countries during the past time, and pointed out the advantages and difficulties to continue to preserve and further develop this good relationship.

In this context, the role of researchers, scholars and the overseas Vietnamese community in France is very important. The overseas Vietnamese community in France is willing to contribute to the further strengthen the relationship.

The successful organization of the conference showed the interest of the public in the good relationship between France and Vietnam, while continuing to assert the willingness of the diplomats and politicians, scholars and the Vietnamese community in France to join hands to bring the bilateral relationship to further develop in the future./.