Vietnamese students at the centre (Photo:

Of the more than 500 students, 350 are Vietnamese students, the rest are from Myanmar and Nepal.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mr. Alon Melchior, manager of the International Training Program of the centre, said it was a special program for students selected from Asia.

After 11 months studying and working, the students learned about Israel’s modern agriculture and other subjects. In addition to theoretical learning, they spent time working directly in the field to gain access to how to apply advanced technology and management methods in agriculture.

They have real opportunities to work and accumulate experience with high-tech agriculture and how to manage a modern agriculture. 

The Ramat Negev Desert AgroResearch Center currently has about 70 training programs for students involved in agricultural issues such as post-harvest technology, genes, animal husbandry, and business management skills in agriculture.

According to Mr. Melchior, the centre is expected to receive about 300 new students for 2017-2018 training courses and many owners of farms have the demand to recruit young Vietnamese people to work.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Khuat Van Quyen, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy to Israel, affirmed that Israel is a country of comparatively poor natural resources, but it has risen to become a startup country and a world leader in applying high-tech agriculture.

He hoped that the Vietnamese students would benefit their homeland when they return home with knowledge and practical experience learned in Israel.

Student Vu Ngoc Kim Ngan said that the purpose of the program is to help students have conditions to go to Israel to study hi-tech agriculture.

Meanwhile Nguyen Trong Tin from the faculty of Business Administration under Ho Chi Minh city University of Agriculture and Forestry, said that after the course, the important thing he had learnt was the start-up spirit of Israeli people and he wants to bring the knowledge he had learned to apply in Vietnam to contribute to the development of the country's agriculture.

The program has brought thousands of Vietnamese students to study and work in Israel since 2008.

After a time of studying and practising in Israel, the students have the opportunity to practice English, be trained in hi-tech agriculture while practising to work on farms to get a minimum wage of USD1,000/month after deducting spending for housing and tax.

There are four enrolment centres in Vietnam, including AICAT Arava, Ramat Negev, Sdot Negev and Agrostudies./.