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Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ms. Karin Müller, Head of the Department of International Cooperation under the Ministry of Science and Art of the State of Hessen, expressed her pleasure at the development of VGU and confirmed that VGU plays an important and significant role in the educational cooperation between Germany and Vietnam in general, and between Hessen and Vietnam in particular.

She once again affirmed that the Ministry of Science and Arts of the State of Hessen will always accompany and support VGU’s development.

At the event, Prof. and Dr. Tomas Benz, Rector of VGU, introduced the common operational model as well as incoming development projects of VGU.

Dr. Ha Thuc Vien, Deputy Rector of VGU, said that the model of VGU is based on the governance model and academic principles of the university system in Germany, looking to become a university with excellent training and research quality in the future.

According to Mr. Vien, in addition to providing qualified human resources in the process of industrialization and modernization for the country, VGU also promotes scientific research and technology transfer in Vietnam following the model of German universities.

He also said that with the aim of becoming an excellent research university, through this seminar, VGU's Board of Directors wished to attract the attention of many professors and Vietnamese undergraduates studying at German universities with enthusiasm and the ability to participate in teaching and research at VGU after returning the country.

Dr. Kambiz Ghawami from WUS affirmed that VGU is a unique and significant project in the cooperation between Germany and Vietnam. Through VGU, Germany has brought to Vietnam a qualified training model, a training program for administrative management research under the German standards.
According to him, the establishment of VGU is a right decision, demonstrating the foresight of the two governments, as Vietnam is in a strong development stage with great potentials and goals such as building smart cities, and the application of the 4th industrial revolution. VGU will certainly make a great contribution to Vietnam’s development, especially in the process of sustainable development.

He added that the administration of Hessen state has signed an agreement, in which Vietnam is a top priority partner for cooperation, especially in the field of education.

Through WUS, Hessen state has provided more than 4,000 scholarships to Vietnamese students to assist them in their studies and to receive hundreds of Vietnamese students to study at universities of the state.

VGU is the first public university in Vietnam to be established on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement, starting its operation in 2008 in Vietnam’s Binh Duong province.

After 10 years of operation, the German Government and the administration of Hessen state have evaluated that VGU is one of two lighthouse projects of the two governments, and also the most successful university cooperation project among projects that the German Government and Hessen state have cooperated on so far./.