Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic are making face masks to help prevent COVID-19 (Photo:

Recently, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in RoK has bought 10,000 antibacterial cloth masks, which can be used many times, to distribute to the Vietnamese community in RoK. In which, the association supports the Daegu/Gyeongbuk epidemic centre with 3,000 masks and the remaining 14 localities, 500 masks each. Currently, masks have been tranported to 15 grassroots representatives during the period of the RoK tightening the buying of masks.

In Germany, to join hands to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, the Women's Union and the leaders of the Dong Xuan Trade Center in Berlin have gone to hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare centers for the elderly to present self-made masks, gloves, antiseptic liquid and medical face masks.

In particular, the owner of a Vietnamese restaurant named Little Long Restaurant in Germany has also presented Sushi and face masks to health workers at Corona Pandemie camp and Vivantes Friedrichshain Hospital with the desire to help them have more strength to fight against corona virus. Facing a serious shortage of medical face masks, the overseas Vietnamese and a volunteer group have joined hands to donate 10,000 medical face masks to the health workers there.

The situation of COVID-19 epidemic in Japan’s Kanto is also developing complicatedly, and the Vietnamese Student Association in Japan has urgently packed face masks to send to students in this area. About 200 antibacterial face masks, which can be reused after washing up to 30 times, have begun to be sent. Members of the association have also planned to continue presenting face masks to students in epidemic-hit areas.

On this occasion, about 3,000 face masks collected by the Vietnamese Consulate General in Cambodia’s Preah Sihanouk have been also presented to poor Vietnamese in some provinces of this country.

Some Vietnamese businesses in Laos also donated about 3,000 face masks to Vietnamese students, as well as Lao students and people./.