Students and their parents at the opening ceremony of Vietnamese language (Photo: VNA)

This is one of significant community activities which help promote and spread the movement of learning Vietnamese language in order to contribute to preserving the traditional culture of the nation, as well as reinforcing patriotism among the young generation of the Vietnamese community in foreign countries in general and in the Czech Republic in particular.

According to the organizing board, students are divided into two classes, class A1 is for students who start to learn Vietnamese language and class A2 is for students, who know how to read and write Vietnamese language.

The classes will be organized on Sunday weekly and last for a year, and are taught by experienced teachers of the Prague Vietnamese Centre.

Nguyen Duy Nhien, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic, emphasized that the association always supports and desires that the movement of teaching and learning Vietnamese continually develops to contribute to strongly building the overseas Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic toward the homeland.   

The organization of free Vietnamese classes is an initiative of Duong family in the Czech Republic to help younger generations, which were born and raised in the Czech Republic, to not only speak but also read and write Vietnamese proficiently to understand the nation’s history and culture, as well as foster their sentiment with their origin and homeland.  

This is a precious thing for Vietnamese children in the Czech Republic during their process of building their life in the country as well as contributing to make the homeland stronger.

This is also a significant activity on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the National Day of Vietnam./.