Students at a Vietnamese class (Photo:

The course was divided into two classes, including 30 students mostly from 6 to 12 years old, while the oldest student of the course is a Russian woman, who is the wife of a Vietnamese citizen.

The curriculum of the course is provided by the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese. Besides teaching Vietnamese language, many folk games, songs, and telling stories through paintings in Vietnamese language have been organized to create opportunity for the students to practice.

Every month, the students also participate in watching films, going to parks or other outdoor activities.

Over the past five months, the majority of the students can read handwriting, and write and spell the Vietnamese alphabet. Many students can read or learn by heart a short paragraph of poetry and literature. Many parents have bought folk strip cartoons, children’s stories in Vietnam so that their children can regularly practice Vietnamese language and help them better understand Vietnamese folk culture.

So far, the Vietnamese course is still regularly maintained on weekends./.