Overseas Vietnamese in Algeria (Photo: VNA)

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria Pham Quoc Tru introduced outstanding achievements of Vietnam in 2017, reviewed the Vietnam - Algeria relationship over the past year, especially activities relating to the overseas Vietnamese community.

He affirmed that Vietnam has always considered the overseas Vietnamese community as an integral part of the Vietnamese people and highly appreciated their precious contributions to the nation. The Government of Vietnam has always created favourable conditions for them to visit, live and work in the homeland.

The Ambassador also encouraged the overseas Vietnamese to strengthen solidarity, integrate into the local society and try to preserve the Vietnamese culture and transmit it to the following generations.

Mr. Tru affirmed that the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria will be a bridge between overseas Vietnamese in Algeria and Vietnam. On this occasion, he wished all the overseas Vietnamese and guests a prosperous, successful and happy new year.

This is a significant event for overseas Vietnamese in Algeria, especially the second and third generations, helping them feel the atmosphere of the traditional lunar new year (Tet) of Vietnam and understand more about the Tet customs of Vietnamese people.

At the event, the Vietnamese Embassy screened a film about the culture and customs around Tet in Vietnam, introduced and invited the participants to enjoy traditional dishes of Tet.

In addition, the Ambassador organized a meeting for representatives of overseas Vietnamese community and elected a liaison committee. He said that the election of a liaison committee has great significance in contacting and gathering the overseas Vietnamese community across Algeria and to establish an overseas Vietnamese Association in Algeria in the future./.