The delegates watching exhibited photos at the event (Photo: VNA)

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hoi, Head of the organizing board and a war veteran, reviewed the historical Gac Ma event and highlighted the undaunted fighting spirit and brave sacrifice of soldiers in Gac Ma fighting and fighting to protect the sovereignty of the nation.

He affirmed that the event aimed to express the deep gratitude for soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the nation. In spite of living far from the fatherland, he and overseas Vietnamese still look toward events of the nation.

At the ceremony, Venerable Thich Thien Tri, a representative from the Vietnamese Buddhist Association Central Committee in the Czech Republic, presided over the great requiem for the martyrs. He also shared his moving memories during a visit to Truong Sa.

Mr. Milos Kusy, Head of the Czech-Vietnam Friendship Association, attended the ceremony and affirmed that the association has supported the fight to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands.

In the framework of the event, an art program about the sea and island in overseas Vietnamese’s hearts was also organized, including songs praising the sea and island of the homeland and sentiments for soldiers.

The organizing board also continue the donation program “For the nation’s sea and islands” in order to build houses of gratitude for relatives of the martyrs sacrificed on Gac Ma Island.

In addition, the organizers also screened documentary film and exhibited maps and documents to confirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands and activities of overseas Vietnamese in the Czech Republic in protecting Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands.

At the ceremony, participants signed their names on a petition letter to send to the European Parliament and an appeal to the Chinese Ambassador to the Czech Republic, to protest and request China cease activities increasing tensions in the East Sea; and ask China to abide by the international law and signed agreements, resolving disputes on the East Sea by peaceful means./.