Ambassador Nguyen Ba Hung (right) and Head of the General Association of Overseas Vietnam in Laos Nguyen Duy Trung co-chaired the conference (Photo: VNA)   

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Bui Chi Manh from the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos, said that in 2018 the community is still stable, respects the local law, has good relations with local people and gradually integrates into the local society.

Overseas Vietnamese associations at the grassroots level have had active changes such as granting membership and supporting the overseas Vietnamese in legal procedures to get resident papers and labour permits. Vietnamese teaching is also given more attention, with teachers assigned by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training to teach at Vietnamese schools in Laos. 

In 2018, the overseas Vietnamese community in Laos organized a ceremony to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday in Khammuon province. In addition, it also worked with the overseas Vietnamese in Thailand to hold the same event in Thailand’s northwestern province of Udonthani. The activities helped the Vietnamese community strengthen solidarity.

Moreover, Mr. Manh also pointed out some shortcomings in the associations’ operations, such as failing to fully serve as a representative to protect and assist its members and labourers, loose coordination in several activities and having unspecified working regulations.

In terms of the operational plan in 2019, he suggested further implementing the Politburo’s Resolution No.36-NQ/TW on overseas Vietnamese from 2016 to 2020.

In addition, the Vietnamese Embassy, the Consulate Generals of Vietnam and the overseas Vietnamese associations in Laos should enhance cooperation with authorities in Laos and Vietnamese border localities to raise awareness among Vietnamese workers about the customs, law and culture of the local country./.