The development of COVID-19 acute respiratory infections in Russia is becoming more and more complicated, the number of SARS-CoV-2 virus infections continues to increase, with a total of 2,777 patients across Russia, as of the morning of April 1st.

The Vietnamese community in the Russian Federation does have some suspected cases of COVID-19.

Since the Facebook page was set up, many Vietnamese people and students have posted statuses on the page.

The Facebook page  (Photo:

When Moscow imposed a ban on people of all ages entering the city from March 30th, a member named "Tutu Nguyen" immediately shared this hot information to people so they could take appropriate measures, self-isolate at home, strictly comply with and keep discipline in the whole community and not violate the regulations of the Moscow government.

An active member of the group, "Thanh Tuan," has posted thorough guides to step by step registering COVID-19 tests at laboratories of the Russian government.

Not only that, this member also provides registration locations near the market, where many Vietnamese people live, for the convenience of Vietnamese people, helping them feel secure for testing when suspecting infection.

This member also collects information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain posted on the page so that the overseas Vietnamese have certain knowledge and understanding.

Another member named "Nu Nguyen," has made face masks to present to everyone when many overseas Vietnamese shared on Facebook that they lack face masks.

Initially, 100 face masks have been presented to nearly half of the households in the Hanoi-Moscow multifunctional complex (Incentra).

Particularly, members "Qui Duong Do", the founder of the Facebook page, have immediately assigned works to three groups: first group providing free interpretation through telephone to support medical assistance; second group supporting transport of supplies and things when Vietnamese people have to be hospitalized or quarantined; and a third group receiving and distributing cloth face masks.

A large part of the Vietnamese people in the Russian Federation are not fluent in Russian, so interpreter support is very important to accurately report the situation of illness of Vietnamese people, as well as help Russian doctors quickly understand what the Vietnamese people need, to have timely treatment.

Especially, when communicating with medical terms, not all Vietnamese who can speak Russian well, can interpret correctly.

Therefore, with this important group, member "Qui Duong Do" has divided into two teams: the first team includes good Russian interpreters with degrees as doctors and physicians in Russia and people, who are fluent in Russian, have experience in taking people to hospitals. This team is responsible for interpreting for severely ill or old patients or those need long term treatment.

The second team includes those who can speak Russian fluently but do not have experience in healthcare. They will interpret for patients who are not in dangerous situations. 

The other webmaster, "VanAnh Pham" has posted a status so interpreters and those supporting transport of things for people who are being treated or are isolated can register.

In the case of Vietnamese people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the establishment of such groups not only helps patients significantly, but it is also a "mental medicine" for them to feel secure for treatment.

Apart from effective support of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Russian Federation, the activities of the Facebook page are very timely and practical to help the Vietnamese community to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic./.