Overseas Vietnamese in Romania - Photo for illustration (Source: Vietnamese Embassy in Romania) 

With the title “How can Vietnamese workers protect themselves from COVID-19", the article mentioned the spread of the pandemic in Romania over the past time, how to prevent the pandemic such as washing hands with soap, hand washing liquid containing 70% alcohol or directly using medical alcohol.

Apart from prevention and control of the pandemic, the article also encourages the Vietnamese people to wear medical face masks or masks made from sterilized cloth, which can be reused many times to avoid spreading the infection through coughing, sneezing, yawning, or accidentally raising their hands to the face. In addition, there are also hotlines to provide assistance in case of need.

The article also noted that people should keep calm and not panic as the Romanian President has declared an emergency for 30 days so daily necessities are fully supplied and their prices are not increased. Those infected with Covid-19 will receive free treatment with or without medical insurance.

In fact, although most Vietnamese workers in Romania don’t know the local language, they are always updated on the epidemic situation in the world and in Romania in particular through official information from the Vietnamese Embassy, and daily updates of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Romania on the social network platform Facebook of Vietnamese groups.

The press of the host country posting the article in Vietnamese language shows their interest in the Vietnamese community in Romania, as well as the growth of the Vietnamese community in this country.

In addition to Vietnamese language, the article was also posted in Nepali because that country also has a large number of workers in Romania./.