Mr. Luong Thanh Nghi and the Executive Board of the  Overseas Vietnamese Association in Khon Kaen (Photo: 

Dinh Vuong Ty, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Khon Kaen province, reported the results of the congress of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Khon Kaen province on June 24th. The congress elected the Executive Board, including 34 members. 

He also said that over the past time, the association (16 branches with more than 500 members) regularly organized activities to connect people in the community, such as meetings on festivals and Lunar New Year Festivals; and responding to charitable social activities such as supporting flood victims in Vietnam’s Central region and Thailand’s Sakon Nakhon province.

Besides, the association has always maintained good relations with the local administration. Thanks to that, overseas Vietnamese people’s lives are sustainable and well integrated into the local social life.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Chairman Luong Thanh Nghi congratulated the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Khon Kaen for successfully organizing the congress and electing the new executive board, and highly appreciated the efforts of overseas Vietnamese in Thailand to overcome difficulties to have prosperous life.

The Deputy Chairman appreciated the Association for organizing various significant activities to connect the overseas Vietnamese people toward the homeland. He was also happy and moved when the overseas Vietnamese in Thailand still preserve cultural traditions, especially speaking Vietnamese language fluently, and hoped that the tradition will be transmitted to the following generations.

On this occasion, he also informed the overseas Vietnamese on programs organized by SCOV: Homeland Spring, delegations to visit Truong Sa archipelago, and Vietnam Summer Camp. 

Mr. Nghi desired overseas Vietnamese people in Thailand to continue to unite, develop and have sustainable and successful life. They will be a bridge to connect the friendship between the two nations and make various contributions to build Thailand, as well as practical activities toward the homeland.

While Mr. Ty promised that he and the executive board of the association would make efforts to contribute to strengthening the solidarity of all overseas Vietnamese in Khon Kaen.

After the meeting, the delegation and overseas Vietnamese visited One Pillar pagoda, a cultural work built by the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Khon Kaen, in the Thai - Viet Friendship Park./.