Ambassador Vu Quang Minh (Photo: VNA)

The information was reported by the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia.

After confirming the new Covid-19 case was a British woman, 65 years old, aboard the Viking Cruise Journey, the Cambodian authorities have isolated all passengers and crew of the cruise ship for monitoring and testing of Covid-19.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Quang Minh, the cruise ship is currently anchored in the province of Kampong Cham. The Vietnamese Embassy is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to send a working group to support Vietnamese citizens on the quarantined cruise ship.

Viking Cruise Journey traveled from Ho Chi Minh city on March 5th to Phnom Penh on March 7th and is currently anchored in Kampong Cham province. There are total of 64 people on the cruise ship, including 30 passengers, 34 sailors and staff.

Earlier, thanks to a report from Vietnam of the case of a passenger on the same flight with Vietnam's 17th Covid-19 patient on Viking Cruise Journey, Cambodia’s health agency carried out tests of SARS-CoV-2 for suspected people. One person was positive for this virus. This patient is being isolated and treated in Kampong Cham province./.