The organizing board presents medals and awards to athletes (Photo: VNA) 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Gwangju - Jeonnam Nguyen Viet Phong said that this congress aimed to create a common playground, helpful activities and build solidarity among the overseas Vietnamese community there.

Thanks the congress, the overseas Vietnamese people have the chance to meet, exchange and participate in sports activities such as football, tug of war, arm-wrestling and relay race.  

Mr. Phong stressed the sports activities will contribute to improving the health, cultural and spiritual life of overseas Vietnamese in RoK in general and in Gwangju - Jeonnam in particular.

For his part, Mr. Cao Minh Duc affirmed the significance of the sports congress in Kwangju - Jeonnam and expressed his hope for aggressive development of the Vietnamese community in this area through community-based activities.

Besides sports activities, the organizing board of the congress also praised individuals with excellent achievements in working and study, as well as had positive contributions to the community there.

The Dongshin student team won the championship at football and relay race, and the Hanam employee team won the first prize at tug of war and the team from Chodang University won the first prize at arm-wrestling.

The first Sports Congress left deep impressions on the participants and viewers, helping to build solidarity among students, employees and multi-cultural families in RoK in general and in Gwangju-Jeonnam in particular./.