Members of the club (Photo: VOV)

In fact, the desire for the establishment of a club for Truong Sa island and the sea and islands of the homeland has appeared at least three years ago, when the first delegation of overseas Vietnamese, including Mr. Pham Ngoc Ky, Chairman of Vietnamese Business Association in Germany, Mr. Pham Quang Thao, Director of Asia Gourmet Company and Mr. Pham Khanh Nam, Editor-in-Chief of Huong Viet Magazine visited the island. 

After coming back, they organized an exchange to talk about the trip to the overseas Vietnamese community. The meeting was very touching. Those who directly went to Truong Sa island expressed all their feelings from the trip to the attendees, making the entire Viethaus hall, where the event was organized, silent with emotion, and many shed tears.

At the meeting, the participants donated nearly EUR4,000 to support the people and soldiers on Truong Sa island and the idea to establish an organization for Truong Sa appeared.

The meeting to establish Truong Sa Club was attended by 11 people, who were 11 members among 20 people of four overseas Vietnamese delegations visiting Truong Sa island in four consecutive years from 2012-2016.

The number of people visiting Truong Sa island will increase, so members of the club agreed that: official members of the club are those who have visited Truong Sa island; the club has practical actions to support the people and soldiers on Truong Sa island as well as unite with the overseas Vietnamese communities around the globe toward the sea and islands of the homeland. Each year the club meets at least once on the first Sunday of April.

Each member contributes at least EUR100 per year. This minimum contribution amount and donation of the members is to have at least VND100 million to support people and soldiers in Truong Sa island each year, buying essential items for soldiers and people based on their specific needs. Members of the club will directly hand over the gifts to soldiers and people on the islands when they have opportunities to visit islands.

At the meeting, Ms. Chu Thi Chau, Head of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association and Ms. Bui Thi Minh, Deputy Head of the Hai Phong Fellow Countrymen Association, were voted as Co-Heads of the club for the period of 2017-2018./.