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Mr. Jonathan Moore expressed his thanks to Vietnam for production cooperation and presentation of medical protection products to the US. Considering Vietnam a model in COVID-19 prevention and control, he said that the two countries can share experiences on fighting the pandemic and on economic recovery, one of current priorities of the US Government.

Relating to the situation in the East Sea, Mr. Moore inquired after fishermen on Vietnamese fishing boats sunk in the East Sea in early April 2020 and protested behavior threatening fishermen and violating the sovereignty in the East Sea.

In terms of ocean cooperation and environment, the US side desires to boost cooperation with Vietnam and ASEAN members through projects on marine environmental protection and diminishing ocean litter and fighting against water resource and air pollution, including environmental projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

In terms of Mekong cooperation, the US supports raising the US-Mekong Partnership relation to together cope with water resource security and environment in the region; supports mechanisms such as Mekong River Commission in research on impacts of Upper Mekong hydroelectric works on the Lower Mekong, especially drought; continues to cooperate with Vietnam and countries in technological application to management, natural resources protection, and minimizing impacts of natural calamity in the region.

Vietnamese Ambassador highly appreciated the active progress in Vietnam - US relations, especially recent phone talks between the high-level leaders of the two countries and leaders of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, as well as practical cooperation in the fields of healthcare, environment and technology.

Updating the situation of coping with COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, he thanked President Donald Trump for suggesting to present ventilators to Vietnam as well as continuing to support programs to improve health capacity and socio-economic development in Vietnam.

In the coming time, Ambassador Ngoc suggested that the two countries soon complete the negotiation and signing of the Agreement on the use of aerospace for peaceful purposes, thereby creating a basis for promoting bilateral cooperation in the field of universe, science and technology in general./.