The seminar is an opportunity for the two sides to strengthen economic relations and bilateral cooperation, bring Vietnam into deeper participation in the supply chains of the Latin America market, and serve and support the export market diversification policy of Vietnam.

It also aims to promote the export of medical equipment and materials of Vietnamese businesses to Venezuela in the context of the complicated development of COVID-19 with Latin America being the centre of the pandemic of the world.

Ambassador Le Viet Duyen (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in Venezuela)

Speaking at the seminar, Ambassador Le Viet Duyen affirmed that the Government and people of Vietnam always attach great importance to promoting friendly relations and bilateral cooperation, especially in fields where the two countries have potential.

According to the Ambassador, Vietnam is ready to share with Venezuela its experiences in national construction and development, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that has seriously affected economic and social life, and food security in the region as well as around the globe. The Ambassador also shared with the seminar that Vietnam initially succeeded in realizing the dual goal of preventing the pandemic and ensuring socio-economic development.

Vietnam's successes in COVID-19 prevention and control have depended on the leading role of the entire political system, the decisive involvement of the Government with the strategy: proactive prevention - early detection - isolation and treatment.

In addition, the embassy has worked with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela to promote agreements to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the health sector.

At the seminar, representatives of the Ministries of Health of the two countries shared their experiences on pandemic prevention measures. Through presentations and opinions, Vietnamese businesses introduced their ability to produce, supply and export medical equipment and materials with products such as: ventilators, test kits (PCR and quick test), face masks and protective clothing, as well as connecting and sharing business cooperation opportunities.

Through the seminar, Vietnamese enterprises have made valuable and timely contributions and support to the Government and people of Venezuela, including Thanh Long Global Joint Stock Company and Thien An Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company pledging to provide 200,000 medical face masks to Venezuela; and Thinh Long International Trade Joint Stock Company donating 6,000 N95 face masks to Venezuela’s Ministry of Health.

Concluding the seminar, Ambassador Le Viet Duyen expressed his belief that with the efforts and determination of participating enterprises and the good traditional friendship between the two countries, the seminar would be a practical opportunity to help the government and people of Venezuela, contribute to quickly controlling and repelling the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting the people’s health to quickly restore socio-economic development, contributing to further strengthening the good bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Venezuela, worthy of the comprehensive partnership between the two countries./.