Vietnam’s hat dance at the event (Photo: VNA)

Vietnam attended this year's fair as the president country.

As the president country of the fair, in addition to contributing two kiosks on handicrafts and food, Vietnam also put on unique art programs imbued with traditional culture.

The two kiosks of Vietnam become the centre of the fair, with a large number of visitors.

With nearly 5,000 visitors, the ALFS Charity Fair this year earned about JPY22-23 million, the highest proceeds in recent years

ALFS President Haruko Komura said that the proceeds from the fair would be shared equally among the participating countries, it is estimated at JPY1 million for charity in their countries, supporting women and children in difficult conditions.

Ms. Haruko Komura also appreciated Vietnam’s efforts, and the spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Hoang Thi Minh Ha, for helping the fair be a success.

With the amount of proceeds shared after the event, the Vietnamese Embassy plans to use half to work with Japan International Friendship Association (JIFA) to build a safe water system for a high school in Ha Tinh province. With the rest, the Embassy will work with the Fund of Understanding the Heart to support Agent Orange victims in the Central region.

Ms. Hoang Thi Minh Ha, spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan and the President of the fair, said that this was a great opportunity to promote the country and people of Vietnam.

She appreciated the ALFS charity fair, which was one of the traditional activities organized over the past 41 years, receiving special support from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the royal family and 26 embassies in Tokyo. Therefore, this is a great people-to-people diplomatic activity and it contributes to enhancing the role of women.

ALFS was established 49 years ago. It was the initiative of Ms. Mutsuko Miki, spouse of former Japanese Foreign Minister.

At present, ALFS has about 400 members, mostly spouses of politicians and large business leaders in Japan, female ambassadors, spouses of ambassadors and female staff from 25 embassies in the Asia-Pacific region in Tokyo./.