Vietnam's stall at the event (Photo:

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Raheel Khan, Rector of the University of Westminster, said that in the context of tight security due to ongoing anti-government protests in Islamabad, the organization and travel met many difficulties, but the festival still drew the presence of more than 40 embassies and diplomatic missions in Islamabad, and some localities with typical culture and food features of Pakistan such as Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber PK. It showed the great efforts of the diplomatic missions in Islamabad, a strong demonstration that culture and food are always a bridge connecting among cultures effectively, the sharing of common cultural values for peace and to unite people with people.

“I read about it in the newspaper and I knew it was a very famous dish of Vietnam, but now I just taste it. Today, if you have "bun cha", I have to try, because I also saw that dish of yours introduced on CNN," said Mr. Muhammad Amir, a Pakistani tourist from Lahore when visiting Vietnam’s stall and tasting fried spring rolls.

"I really like "non bai tho" of Vietnam, it looks very special and charming. I don't see it anywhere, in any country, that has a hat with this elegant shape, but it is very effective in using like this,” said Ms. Marryam from the University of Westminster.

This event is annually organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Authority of Culture and Heritage of Pakistan at the end of the year to raise charitable donations to make practical contributions to society and the local community. At the same time, this is an opportunity for embassies to exchange, introduce and promote their countries, people and cultures, cuisines to the local people and the Diplomatic Corps./.