Visitors at Vietnam's stall (Photo: VNA)

The fair is a prestigious activity which is annually coordinated and organized by the Diplomatic Spouses' Association (DSA) in the Czech Republic to enhance friendship, solidarity and understanding among countries, and raise funds for charity activities throughout the Czech Republic.

This year, the event attracted the participation of 51 countries and territories from all continents, which have diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic. At the fair, the participanting countries introduced typical cultural products of their countries to local people and visitors. Coming to the fair, visitors can not only buy meaningful gifts for their relatives on the upcoming Christmas season, but also have the opportunity to meet and exchange with friends.

Vietnam's booth always attracts many visitors to see and buy a variety of products, from small souvenirs to silk fabrics, fashion accessories, gemstones, fine-art handicrafts which are sculptured intricately, and many traditional foods and drinks that Czechs have enjoyed for many years.

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Nevila Kuka, spouse of the Albanian Ambassnador and President of DSA in the Czech Republic in 2019, highly appreciated Vietnam's participation in the fair every year because of international charitable spirit.

“Vietnam is really one of the countries that support our event very enthusiastically. As an integral part of Asia, you are very important to us and we really need you. For those who come to the fair, the message we want to send to them is to spread your arms to help the less fortunate in society,” said she.

Ms. Kuka said all proceeds from the fair will be used for various charitable activities to help the less fortunate in the community.

Last year, the organizing committee collected more than 2 million CZK and it was used to support many people, from disabled children to lonely elderly, from rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities to integration programs for disadvantaged people in society./.