The Vietnamese delegation at the event (Photo: VNA) 

The tournament was held just before the Traditional Day of Russian diplomats on February 10th.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the annual sports tournament, the opening ceremony was held solemnly in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Duma (Lower House of Russia) Foreign Affairs Committee, Russian Olympic Committee, famous Russian athletes, sports grandmasters, European and world champions and cultural activists.

In a welcome letter to the participants of the annual sports tournament, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized that sport exchanges are not just cultural - humanity events in order to promote healthy lifestyles and enhance solidarity among nations, but are also important factors to create consensus on international agendas, boost trust and action coordination among countries.

In the framework of this traditional tournament, there are five competitions: cross-country skiing, biathlon (shooting skiing), mini football, table tennis and billiards, attracting hundreds of athletes, and Russian and international fans to attend.

The delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy competed in two contents of table tennis and mini football, and also actively participated in outdoor cultural and entertainment programs for adults and children with many games on snow and other interesting entertainment games./.