Overview of the working session (Photo: VNA)

At the recent meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu at the headquarter of Niedersachsen State’s Parliament, Dr. Gabriele Andretta, President of the State Parliament, expressed her desire to promote cooperation with Vietnam in fields which the state has strengths such as research and vocational training, because the state's demand for skilled labor resources is huge.

Ambassador Nguyen Minh Vu expressed his pleasure and impression when visiting the state of Niedersachsen, dubbed the "land of cars" of Germany. The Ambassador reviewed relations between Vietnam and Germany in general and with the state of Niedersachsen in particular; and highly appreciated the cooperation potential between Niedersachsen and Vietnam in fields the state has strengths and Vietnam is in need such as biotechnology, machine manufacturing, renewable energy and vocational training.

He also expressed his wish that in the future, Volkswagen Group, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, will have an automobile assembly workshop in Vietnam.

On this occasion, Mr. Vu informed a number of activities towards the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Germany diplomatic relations in 2020, and conveyed the invitation to the Governor, the President of Parliament and the leaders of the state to visit Vietnam on an appropriate occasion.

The President of the State Parliament expressed her impression on Vietnam's socio-economic development achievements in recent years; highly appreciated the cooperation between Niedersachsen and Vietnam, especially in the fields of research and cultural exchange. She affirmed the strengths of Niedersachsen including automobile production, machine manufacturing, information technology, automation and expressed the desire to promote cooperation with Vietnam in the field of research and vocational training.

Regarding the Vietnamese community in Niedersachsen, Ms. Gabriele Andretta highly appreciated the active integration of the overseas Vietnamese, affirming that the state always creates a favourable legal framework for the Vietnamese community as well as other immigrant communities to integrate well into the host society and contribute to the socio-economic life and cultural diversity of the state. She expressed her desire to visit Vietnam in the near future.

On this occasion, Ambassador Nguyen Minh Vu thanked the administration and the State Parliament for always creating favorable conditions for the Vietnamese community to live, study, work and make positive contributions to the socio-economic life of the state as well as become a bridge for relations between the two countries.

Currently, the Vietnamese community in Niedersachsen has nearly 10,000 people, including about 600 students.

Niedersachsen state is located in Northwestern Germany, covering an area of 47,600km², and it is the 2nd largest state of Germany with a population of nearly 8 million people./.