An art item performed at the event (Photo:

Located in a large area, “Bong sen xanh” (Blue Lotus) restaurant has created the strongest impression for foreigners. They can enjoy dishes, the most specific flavor of Vietnamese cuisine and watch colourful dances performed by Vietnamese artists.

Mr. Claus Habfast, Head of the Alpexpo Exhibition Centre, where the fair is organized, said that Vietnam and France have had close economic cooperation for a long time. In addition, the two countries are becoming closer in the field of culture for mutual understanding.

“Today, people in Grenoble have opportunity to explore handicraft products, dances, music and traditional cuisine of Vietnam. On the occasion of opening Vietnam’s booth at the Grenoble International Fair, I wish relations, cultural and tourism exchanges between the two sides will develop better in the future,” said Mr. Claus Habfast.

Attending the fair is one of a series of activities promoting Vietnam’s culture and tourism in France on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations and five years of strategic partnership between the two countries.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vuong, Director of the Vietnam Cultural Centre in France, shared that activities aimed to introduce to international friends about Vietnam, which not only has four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but also has a special season of culture.

“Through booths introducing Vietnam’s handicraft, cuisine, traditional clothes, and especially special dances, we want more visitors to go to Vietnam. In addition, we also want to attract investors in the tourism field,” said Mr. Vuong.

Under the theme “Music Festival”, this year's event is also an attractive meeting place for music talents as well as sport activities such as football, rugby and hockey./.