Vietnamese citizens in Indonesia prepare to return home (Photo for installation/Source:

The information was announced by the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia on June 24th. The flight will be conducted by Vietjet Air.

To update the number of passengers on the flight, the Vietnamese Embassy asked Vietnamese citizens on the priority list and having real demand to return home to re-register their desire on the following form    

They should register before June 29th and each citizen register only one time. Passengers on the flight will include those under 18, the elderly, sick individuals suffering from underlying illnesses, tourists, guest workers with expired visas and labor contracts or having lost jobs and having no income for 2-3 months, and students with no accommodation due to the closure of their dormitories or completion of their studies, businesspeople and intellectuals facing accommodation and financial difficulties.

The Vietnamese Embassy asks citizens to carefully register with correct information, especially email and phone number, so that the embassy can contact them as needed.

Citizens can update following reports via their personal emails and the fanpage of the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia:

For further information and assistance, citizens may contact the embassy at +62811161025 through Whatsapp or or    

Previously, 105 Vietnamese citizens were brought home safely on April 26th./.