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1. Do not go to epidemic-hit areas or areas likely to be affected by the epidemic, as recommended by local authorities, if not absolutely necessary.

2. Strictly comply with the recommendations, instructions, and absolutely obey the regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control of the local authorities (limiting travel; avoiding contact and gathering in public places and crowded places if not absolutely necessary; medical hygiene for self-prevention; self-isolation if you have symptoms of Covid-19 infection; no contact with people who are sick).

3. For Vietnamese citizens residing in areas where Covid-19 infection cases have been detected, it is necessary to calm down and avoid bewilderment; regularly monitor news, keep updated on the situation and adhere to guidelines and rules on epidemic prevention of local authorities distributed through official information channels; should stay at home, do not move to public and crowded places such as airports, railway stations and ports if not really necessary.

4. For those who return to Vietnam from the epidemic-hit areas, Vietnamese authorities will carry out medical examination and isolation within 14 days as prescribed;

5. Vietnamese citizens should timely provide information to the local authorities, the nearest Vietnamese representative agencies in Washington DC, New York, Houston and San Francisco, and their relatives in any emergency situation.

6. In case assistance is needed, please contact the citizen protection hotlines:

- The Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC: +1 202 716 8666.

- Citizen protection switchboard of the Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +84.981.84.84.84./.