Venerable Thich Tu Nhon at the requiem ceremony (Photo: VNA) 

The ceremony was solemnly organized with the participation of Buddhist, representatives of the Vietnamese Veterans Association in Berlin-Brandenburg and a number of associations and organizations of the Vietnamese community in Germany.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tu Nhon from Tu An Pagoda, other Buddhist monks, nuns and overseas Vietnamese spent time in the Buddhist ceremony and offered incense to pay respect and commemorate soldiers fallen in battles to protect the border territory, the sea and islands of the country, and pray for the salvation of heroic martyrs’ souls.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Khoi, a veteran operating for many years in Truong Sa archipelago, recalled many memories with his sacrificed teammates and expressed sincere thanks to Tu An Pagoda and the overseas Vietnamese community. Mr. Khoi asserted that the following generations will express and always show gratitude for the great sacrifice of heroic martyrs.

During the requiem ceremony, members of the Buddhist association of Tu An Pagoda sang many songs honouring the sacrifice of heroic martyrs as the love of the nation./.