Mr. Kiet (Photo: Culinaria VietnamitaOriental No Rio)
In the introductory article about Kiet and cooking class on Facebook Culinaria VietnamitaOriental No Rio posted on August 25th, "In a city with quite small foreigner community, international cuisine cooking classes are certainly very interesting. For those loving Asian and Eastern cuisine, a new choice is always welcomed," The Rio Times of Brazil writes.

According to The Rio Times, Kiet came to Rio de Janeiro at the end of 2011 and at that time he simply sought Vietnamese cultural and cuisine features in foreign country. After five years, he is currently a teacher teaching Vietnamese dishes he organizes annually.

The classes teach daily dishes of Vietnamese families, and most dishes Kiet teach are traditional dishes or from his experiences.

"The first time I cook Vietnamese dishes for my friends there, they want to know how to cook these dishes. Therefore, we start to gather in small groups to cook dishes monthly and they said for their friends,” Kiet recalled the first days he established the class.

“My friends said that I should set up an online page so that they can connect, exchange and share experiences about materials and methods to cook. Now we have established a group, which is called an association of people loving Vietnamese cuisine. They talk him the dishes they want to cook.

Kiet usually shares dishes imbued with Vietnamese flavour on the class Facebook page, such as Chinese braised pork, pickled bean sprouts, shrimp spring roll and bread with pork.

This man who loves cooking affirmed that his cooking classes are non-profit and he opened the cooking classes not to do business.

"We together learn and cook and after ending learning, we eat the dishes together. This is fun, and I want to share my dishes in my hometown for everyone in Rio de Janeiro, I would love to do this," said Kiet.

Anyone who is interested in can enroll the class of Kiet by accessing Facebook Culinaria VietnamitaOriental No Rio to learn about and register.

The class usually opens one time a month or two times a month.

"The classes are not open widely, but if one of my friends introduces to a new person, or leads a new person to go to the class, it is no problem. Occasionally, they also share my dishes to others, that's okay," Kiet said./.

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