The opening ceremony of the class (Photo: VNA)

The class attracted about 30 students, aged 10-50, including many students from a single family.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria Pham Quoc Tru said that after a long time of preparation, the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria opened the Vietnamese class. Previously, the embassy had opened a Vietnamese class for overseas Vietnamese children but it couldn’t maintain it after a period.

According to him, re-opening the Vietnamese class helps Vietnamese origin children in Algeria and traditional martial arts students communicate in Vietnamese, thus understanding more about the culture and sporting spirit of Vietnamese people and Vietnamese traditional martial arts.

The ambassador also hoped that the class will promote cohesion among the overseas Vietnamese community, especially the younger generations, and Algerian people loving Vietnam.

Mr. Moluk, Deputy Chairman of Son Long martial arts league in Algeria and a student of the Vietnamese class, expressed his gratitude to the Vietnamese Embassy when opening the class. He affirmed that Vietnamese language and Vietnamese traditional martial arts will be a bridge to the two peoples closer.

The class will be taught by the officials of the Vietnamese Embassy./.