Overseas Vietnamese in France (Photo for illustration/ Source: vovworld.vn)

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in France and Europe is becoming increasingly serious. On the evening of March 16th, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the state of war and applied a national blockade, minimizing travel for at least 15 days starting at 00h00 of March 18th.

Accordingly, the Vietnamese Embassy in France recommends that Vietnamese citizens minimize travel from their accommodation, only moving when there is an essential reason and, even then, strictly complying with the requirements and instructions of the local authorities, as well as not going to the embassy to carry out consular procedures within the next 15 days from March 17th.

During this period, post offices also restrict activities, letters sent through the post office may be lost. Therefore, the embassy warns against sending documents to the embassy during this blockade period.

In addition, many people desire to update the situation of receiving citizens returning to the home country, so the embassy has opened an online registration system for citizens to register their name, address, email and phone number to stabilize citizens’ spirit and make a list of citizens who need support.

Vietnamese citizens in France can register online at: https://ambassade-vietnam.com/lien-he/

For emergencies, Vietnamese citizens can contact the embassy at citizen protection phone number: 01 44 14 64 44 or email: urgent@ambassade-vietnam.fr to share their situation and receive guidance and support./.