The Vietnamese Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, has implemented measures to prevent and control Covid-19 amid the pandemic’s complicated development with increasing number of infections and deaths in the country.

In a letter sent to officials and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy and representative agencies in Indonesia, Ambassador Pham Vinh Quang said that as of March 19th, Indonesia has recorded 311 cases infected with Covid-19of whom 25 died. According to Indonesian health experts, the epidemic will continue for many months and the number of people infected with Covid-19 in Indonesia may reach hundreds of thousands.

Checking body temperature in the Embassy (Photo:

Accordingly, the Vietnamese Embassy asked officials, staff of the embassy and the representative agencies of Vietnam in Indonesia to "absolutely not be subjective" amid the global epidemic, but “not too be nervous or panic”, because Indonesia has taken strong actions to prevent the disease. The Indonesian President has directed and established a system from the central to local levels with the participation of ministries, sectors, army and the police, as well as adjusting measures to be more resolute in combating the epidemic.

Together with the Indonesian authorities, the Vietnamese Embassy has implemented measures to prevent and control the epidemic such as cleaning and disinfecting offices, carrying out online meetings, and activating an online consular procedure handling system, or operating through the post office. The embassy has built a Covid-19 prevention plan with different scenarios with quick response teams.

The embassy has closely cooperated with the central administration, Jakarta city, and assigned hospital to require support and treatment for officials and staff of the embassy and their families if Covid-19 infection is suspected. The embassy also builds a plan to cooperate with Vietnamese representative agencies in Indonesia to solve emergency cases, as well as support the Vietnamese community in the country.        

In addition, the embassy also provides instruction on Covid-19 quarantine process and common regulations, hotlines and hospital assigned on Covid-19 treatment in Indonesia. 

The Vietnamese community in Indonesia has about 200 people. There have been no people recorded to be infected with Covid-19./.