The Ambassador said that the Vietnamese community living and working in Qatar has nearly 2,000 people, including mostly unskilled workers (about 1,800 people) working in construction sites under contract, sent by domestic labor companies; a few in the community are scientists and doctors, working in research institutes, universities, oil rigs and construction companies.

These specialists are usually long-term laborers who are there with their whole family but they are only a few dozen families; Some work in areas such as Qatar's aviation, environmental sanitation companies, or beauty care but they are not many.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang said that in the face of diplomatic strains between Qatar and the Gulf states over the past few days, some Vietnamese people are worried. However, basically, their life and work are not disturbed and their psychology is relatively stable.

A corner of Doha capital (Photo: Reuters)
In the context, the Vietnamese Embassy is doing its best to protect people and their legal assets to ensure their stable life. The Embassy has promptly implemented measures to protect citizens and asked them to calmly monitor the situation in order to respond appropriately.

The Embassy has also actively contacted companies in the area where Vietnamese citizens are working to keep updated on the situation, and informed citizens of the embassy hotline for overseas Vietnamese to contact if needed.

The agency also regularly reports to Vietnam for guidance as well as coordinates with domestic agencies relating to worker management under the Ministry of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs, and companies exporting Vietnamese laborers to Qatar, to update the list of Vietnamese laborers in Qatar to prepare for unexpected situations.

In addition, it has been in close contact with some domestic representative agencies which have laborers in Qatar to share experience, information and to coordinate when necessary. At the same time, it has also met with local authorities.

The Qatar side affirmed that it would be interested in and create favorable conditions for Vietnamese workers. The embassy has been regularly reporting to leaders for guidance, sharing information and coordinating with domestic related agencies and businesses, especially businesses having workers in Qatar, to protect the citizens if a bad situation occurs and choose the best solutions.

In case of needing assistance, workers may contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Qatar at +974 4412 8480, +974 4412 8365, +974 4412 8366, or hotline +84 98 7476 466, +84 90 4240 468 or +84 4 39366633 of the Overseas Labor Management Department under the Ministry of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs./.

BTA (According to VNA)