Changi Airport (Photo:

They were scheduled to leave Singapore for Ho Chi Minh city on flight SQ178 on March 23rd morning. However, Singapore Airlines cancelled the flight, leaving the passengers to manage by themselves.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Tao Thi Thanh Huong, right after receiving this information, the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore sent a diplomatic note asking Singapore Airlines to take appropriate measures to ensure the rights of the Vietnamese citizens.

She said that the embassy made contact with the management board of the Changi Airport, proposing it to assist the Vietnamese citizens while waiting for a new flight, as well as relevant agencies in Vietnam to arrange the reception of the citizens.

On late March 23rd, Singapore Airlines pledged to take the Vietnamese citizens to Hanoi on March 24th morning on its flight, and pay for part of their meals while waiting at the airport, said the diplomat.

The ambassador emphasized that the embassy will continue implementing citizen protection measures so that they can come home at the earliest time.

Up to now, no Vietnamese in Singapore have been reported to be infected with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Earlier, the Singaporean government announced that all short-term visitors will no longer be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore from 23h59 on March 23rd in view of the growing risk of importing coronavirus cases into the country./.