Businessman Diem Kieu Fuggersberger and his partners at Berger Ingredients and Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen in Sydney have distributed five tonnes of rice, 1,550 eggs, and 2,000 packets of instant noodles to over 300 Vietnamese Australians.

Likewise, the Facebook page Vietnamese Students in Melbourne (VMS) raised nearly 10,000 AUD (6,000 USD) to help Vietnamese people in need in the city. The campaign is being run by Facebook administrator Nguyen Duc Quyet and other group members who bought meat for those registered in the “Rice with Meat” programme. Each beneficiary will have 3 kg of meat delivered to their door.

Meanwhile, the group “Vietnamese Mummy in Aus” has mobilised nearly 25,000 AUD as well as food and other supplies to help Vietnamese people in Australia grappling with the pandemic.

The campaign, launched on March 26th, has helped nearly 300 people in need in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

The group is one of the biggest social media-based campaigns in Australia, with nearly 13,000 members.

In the five years since its debut, it has provided support to disadvantaged people in Australia, particularly abused women.

Australia is home to over 250,000 Vietnamese people./.