Staff of the restaurant is preparing meals for health workers (Photo: VNA)

Not only paying the high cost of renting premises, Vietnamese restaurants also have to make efforts to retain employees and promote Internet orders in the context that restaurants have not been opened in the first phase of isolation relaxation on June 1st.

Meanwhile, the restaurant chain “Phở” of Ms. Pham Hong Anh’s family, since Mid-May, have provided 40 free lunches per day for health workers on the front lines fighting the pandemic.   

“Initially, her family paid all expenses for meals and shipping, but due to lack of lunches for hospitals, Ms. Hong Anh and her husband decided to post on the restaurant’s website a call for the community to donate money to provide lunches for health workers. This initiative has received the support of many Vietnamese families and people in Moscow.

From 40 meals per day, the restaurant now provides up to 80 meals a day for health workers in eight hospitals and clinics until June 15th, when Moscow’s current social isolation regime will be relaxed, if it is not extended.

With the affordable price of 300-350 RUB, each meal carries the sympathy and heart of the owner for the health workers who work at the dangerous frontlines.

The “Phở” chain has re-operated for three weeks, however, due to restaurants in Moscow not being allowed to open, “Phở” maintains its operation by receiving orders through the Internet.

Apart from its website, the restaurant also cooperates with other partners of Yandex and Delivery to provide their food anywhere in Moscow. However, due to COVID-19, the revenue of the restaurant only reaches 20% of its income before the pandemic./.