Kati Nguyen's tailor shop is a place for people to make face masks (Photo: vov.vn)

For many days, medical protective equipment, especially face masks, have been very scarce across the US. Face masks are very important protective equipment for health workers, who are at high danger of being infected with disease as they directly contact and treat Covid-19 patients.

Kati Nguyen, living in Seattle city, Washington state, is one of the first people making face masks to present to hospitals. In spite of being very busy, she is always interested in following the epidemic through mass media, social networks and groups of the Vietnamese community in the US.

Seeing the complicated development of the pandemic while hospitals are severely short of face masks, as well as reading stories of health workers, she is really sympathy and worried for them, who are at the front line in the fight against Covid-19.  

“People who work as nurses in the hospital, often complain in the group that they don't have enough medical supplies, they don't have enough masks. From morning to night, they have only one face mask. Earlier, they changed masks after each patient. Now, they have to use a mask from morning to night, so they feel worried. Even a doctor is pregnant but she does not have a mask. She cried in worry for her baby,” Kati Nguyen said and she felt very moved for them.

Therefore, Kati Nguyen decided to act with the hope that her deed will help the community in the context of epidemic outbreak. She thought that she will make cloth face masks to present hospitals because many hospitals in the world lack face masks. However, she is not healthy enough to do it by herself. She called on members in a group of Vietnamese people in Seattle. 

She has to stay up until 2am to design an antibacterial mask because it can be used many times.

Hundreds of face masks will be presented to hospitals (Photo: vov.vn)

The idea of Kati Nguyen has drawn support and responce from many people. Many people come to her house to work with her, some get cloth to do following her instructions posted on the Internet, and some other contribute cloth to make masks.

Trang is one of the companions with Kati in the first days. Trang said that if hospitals really need and want them to do it, she will do.

This is very good deed because if health workers are not safe and they are infected with Covid-19, who will save them, she said.

It may seem simple to make a face mask, but it is not easy to make a qualified product because it depends on materials while shops are closed and raw materials are not easy to find.

The difficulty is that they can’t buy cloth and elastic, Kati Nguyen said.

So far, Ms. Kati Nguyen and her friends have made hundreds of face masks which have been presented to many health workers in the area.

Happily, the movement of making face masks and contributing to this action have been popularized and responded to by the Vietnamese community in many states in the US such as Washington, California, Texas, Oregon and Georgia.

The action of Kati Nguyen and her friends is small but respected because it not only contributes to the fight against Covid-19, but also encourages the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance in difficult times of the Vietnamese community in the US./.