Ambassador Ngo Thi Hoa speaking at the opening ceremony (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Ngo Thi Hoa emphasized that the class will help the Vietnamese younger generations, born and raised in the Netherlands, to get acquainted with, read, write and communicate in Vietnamese language, as well as strengthen their links with the homeland and preserve the national cultural identity.

She expressed her hope that the class would have more diversified activities to help the students study and absorb Vietnamese language in a natural way.

The ambassador also highlighted the role of the parents, who are a bridge to help their children approach the culture and mother tongue of the nation.   

During the opening ceremony, many students voluntarily performed Vietnamese songs.

Representatives of the students’ parents thanked the Embassy for reserving for the children a worthy gift of original culture and affirmed that they would support the children to go to class regularly and gain good results.

This is the third year the Vietnamese-language class has been organized, with the teachers are staff of the Embassy and their relatives./.