The leaders of the mission assign tasks to groups to coordinate and handle in emergency situations such as taking medical examination, hospitalization, evacuation, taking to the airport to return to the home country and supporting the Vietnamese community.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, continues to advise the Vietnamese Community in Switzerland amid new developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overseas Vietnamese in Switzerland - Photo for illustration (Source:

Due to the rapidity of the Covid-19 outbreak in Switzerland, some airlines have canceled flights from Switzerland. Vietnamese citizens, especially Vietnamese students, trying to return home meet a lot of difficulties.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland recommends that Vietnamese citizens living, working and studying in Switzerland strictly implement regulations on the epidemic prevention and control that the local authorities and healthcare agencies have promulgated; don’t gather in crowded places, stay indoors to avoid the spread of the pandemic and only go out when really needed.

Anyone suspecting they are infected with Covid-19 should immediately call the hotline of the local authority for advice. In case of compulsory return to Vietnam, please check information about flights before going to the airport.

In addition, the embassy has contacted EUROASIA company in Bern, specializing in selling airline tickets (can exchange in Vietnamese). EUROASIA Company is ready to provide information about flights to Vietnam through its phone numbers: 0319719787, 0792224228 and its address: Konizstrasse 228, 3097 Liebefeld, Bern.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland also provides useful information when returning to Vietnam during the current epidemic such as checking body temperature, medical quarantine in accordance with Vietnam's current regulations.

Switzerland's Federal Council decided to suspend granting all types of visas to Switzerland from March 19th to the end of June 15th. The country has closed its borders with Italy, Germany, Austria and France, and issued a ban on people from Spain and countries outside the Schengen area (including Vietnam), except for a few cases such as foreign citizens (EU/EFTA, Vietnamese citizen and citizens from other countries) returning to their home countries, are allowed to transit via Switzerland by road or air.

Although Switzerland has taken drastic measures in recent days, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country continues to increase rapidly. As of March 19th, the number of Covid-19 infections in Switzerland has increased to nearly 4,000./.