Photo for illustration (Source: VNA)

It is recommended that Vietnamese citizens in Switzerland should not travel to epidemic-hit areas or areas likely to be affected by the epidemic, as recommended by local authorities, if not absolutely necessary.

For those who are present in these places, they need to strictly follow the recommendations, instructions, and absolutely comply with the Covid  - 19 disease prevention rules of the local authorities.

The Embassy also asked Vietnamese citizens in Switzerland not to spread unverified information on social networks and restrict travel, so stay home and don't go to public places if not absolutely necessary.

In addition, Vietnamese citizens in Switzerland are also encouraged to promptly inform local authorities, Vietnam’s representative agencies and their relatives in case of emergency.

In case citizens have symptoms of Covid -19 infection such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or sneezing, they need to quickly go to local health facilities for timely testing and treatment.

If you need information or support, Vietnamese citizens can contact the citizen protection hotline of the embassy at (+41) 787 04 78 87, officer responsible for community: (+41) 313 88 78 75.

Switzerland is currently one of the 10 countries most affected by the Covid -19 epidemic, with 332 cases and two deaths, as of midday of March 8th./.