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Accordingly, foreigners living and working illegally in RoK only need to declare on at least 3 days before leaving the country, without having to go to the Immigration Management Office where they reside, and on the day leaving RoK, they just go to the airport to be able to return home.

Recently, the acute respiratory disease caused by Covid-19 in some localities of RoK tends to spread strongly, and many foreigners residing illegally want to return home.

The declarer only needs to enter personal information, expected departure date, departure airport and exit flight. On exiting day, they only need to bring the statement paper on voluntarily returning home, passport and air ticket to the Immigration Department at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight time to receive the Confirmation on voluntarily returning back to the home country.

For cases where online declaration cannot be made, they can go to the Immigration Management Office where they reside to declare as before./.