A Czech doctor is consulting for people (Photo: VNA) 
This is the 5th time Medviet has provided medical examination and consultancy free of charge for the community.

The event this year also attracted the participation of Czech doctors and medical students.  

The program includes various activities such as learning basic knowledge about the healthcare system and insurance in the Czech Republic, examination and consultancy free of charge for frequent diseases of children, internal medicine, dentistry and psychology.

On this occasion, the doctors also answer questions about periodic examination and vaccination.

Tran Thi Hoai Anh, a medical student from Charles University and Head of the organizing board, said that the event aimed to provide basic health knowledge about prevention and treatment of common diseases and boost connections between the community and health workers in the Czech Republic.

This year, program was participated in by 7 doctors and 10 medical students, both Vietnamese and Czech./.