The untouched beauty of Dai Lanh Cape is for tourists who like discovering and enjoying imposing nature.
It is the location which welcomes the first morning sun rays in Vietnam.
The nature looks like a poetic picture.
Bai Mon beach
From Mon Beach viewing Dai Lanh Cape Peninsula, it can be seen a 27-meter high lighthouse which produces light across 27 nautical miles.
Dai Lanh lighthouse was built in 1890.
View from the lighthouse


Vung Ro Bay
Vung Ro is known as a red address in the war against the US to save the country; is the landing place of the ships carrying weapon supplies to the south.
Vung Ro has an area of some 16.4 square kilometers in water surface.
There are a lot of seafood species raised in Vung Ro Bay.
BTA (Photos: NDO)