Along with Van Phuc silk village, Phung Xa is a age-old traditional village famous for its weaving.

Born in a family of four generations working as weavers in Phung Xa, since her childhood with silk weaving, Ms Thuan has a lot of experience and knowledge of the steps of traditional weaving. Since 2017, she has painstakingly studied how to weave silk from lotus thread, but it was more than a year later that she could make the first lotus silk scarves.

Normally, to make 250 grams of lotus silk which is enough to weave a normal size scarf, it takes about 10 days to draw silk from nearly 3,000 lotus stalks. To weave one meter of lotus silk, about 15,000 lotus stalks are needed.
Lotus stalks previously discarded are now used as materials for a new weaving technology

Lotus silk is carefully removed from lotus stalks.

Workers often remove lotus silk from 3-4 lotus stalks at the same time.

Painstaking steps provide lotus silk.

The spinning of silk is carefully done because the lotus silk is quite fragile and rough.

Lotus silk is checked before weaving.

Lotus silk is put into traditional weaving frames to create products.

A scarf produced by lotus silk in Phung Xa