The way leading to the cave is formed by a long stone staircase zigzags through the karst. There are nearly 500 steps to a simple altar to Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy). It is assumed that the cave entrance seems to be similar as “Great wall of China”.

Mua cave viewed from afar (Photo: Bich Lien)

Lotus pond on the way to Mua cave (Photo: Bich Lien)

A way to the top of the mountain is being repaired (Photo: Bich Lien)

A small temple to worship Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy) on the top of the mountain (Photo: Bich Lien)

Stone steps looked from above (Photo: Bich Lien)

Green landscape viewed from above (Photo: Bich Lien)

Bich Lien