In the late winter, when the whole Moc Chau plateau is still cold, many forests of plum and peach begin to be dotted by the white of unseasonable blooming flowers.
Plum blossoms are in bloom in the spring. However, according to the local people, in the late winter, if the weather is warm, the plum will bloom out of season.

 On the mossy branches, white petals mixed in mist create a dreamy, fanciful beauty.

Visitors to Moc Chau can see unseasonable plum blossoms in gardens in Pa Phach hamlet, or along the way to Long Sap border gate.

 A visitor is saving the first plum blossom.

The plum plums begin to sprout young buds, white flowers bring the flavor of early spring on the Northwest Plateau.

Though blooming unseasonably, the plum flower is still beautiful and pure.

The peaceful beauty of Moc Chau in winter afternoon

Not only plum, peach flower also starts to blossom.

Forest peach flowers blossoming early create poetic beauty for Moc Chau Plateau.

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