This is where Uncle Ho lived, worked and directly led the revolution against the French colonial forces from 1941 to 1945, 30 years after his departure to foreign countries to find a way to save his homeland. Currently, the site is welcoming visitors coming from different parts of the country.

Natural and charming Pac Bo scenery is associated with the life of Uncle Ho's revolutionary activities. With its important significance to the country and to the revolution, Pac Bo historical site was ranked as a national special relic by the Prime Minister on May 10th, 2012. The relic includes Uncle Ho memorial house, Coc Po cave, Karl Marx mountain, Lenin stream and a stone table where Uncle Ho worked. 

A delegation of visitors takes a photograph at km0 of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road.
Karl Marx Mountain and Lenin Stream
Lenin Stream water pure and cool
Local residents with their typical agricultural products sold along Lenin Stream
The nature at Pac Bo historical site looks like a picture.
Some deep parts of the stream
Place where Uncle Ho cooked
Uncle Ho’s working stone table
A tourist is excited with the nature.
Sunset in Pac Bo
BTA (Photos: NDO)